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Roc Biography.

Roc, a recording artist who originally started out as selector for a breakdance crew. He however quickly realised that the music was his true calling.

So he started recording mix tapes featuring various local artists at his home studio. He also discovered that he was influenced by Dancehall & Reggae vibes and so he decided to continue as a Dancehall DJ on several partys but he was still purchasing his records which were based on Hip-Hop instrumentals.

At that moment Dancehall was not so big in Europe, the clubs were used to play Hip-Hop but he tried to promote his favourite music genre to the audience.

As a dancehall DJ, he toured with well known DJs such as DJ L-Flx, DJ Chido and DJ Matti in the biggest clubs of Luxembourg such as Atelier, Melusina and Twenty-Seven. Through the process of recording other artists, he was inspired to write his own lyrics, and so the story starts…

Roc made a decision to take the mic. He did a lot of features with Mortel and Gun MC for their mixtapes and albums but he was still working on his solo project called ‘Real Life True Story’ and after a long while of waiting, the album finally never came out! He only droped two singles of the album which sounded like real Hip Hop classics with a lot of scratches, roots beats and real skills.

Featuring artists such as Makabeli and Mortel gave a underground touch to this personal album but Roc decided to not publish the rest of the songs and started a next project based on the music that he was playing at his partys.

However, Roc started singing on riddims and did some important featurings on Reggae Albums like the track ‘Babylone brûle’ for the French Reggae artist Lord Bitum.

After those projects he decided that it was time to work on his new album ‘Easy -No stress’.

Roc started sending all his new songs to his favourite jamaican artist Charly Black to get feedback to progress.

After some years of conversations and internet friendship, the jamaican number one entertainer decided to call Roc during his Europe tour for a collaboration. Roc immediatly took the opportunity and they produced the song ‘desire’.

Because both artists liked the song, they decided to shoot a video which made the song blow up quick in Europe and they won the audience award of the VMA’s 2014.

This was an important step for Roc, who considered the featuring as his debut in the music industry.

Still focused on his album, Roc did a featuring with jamaican female artist Tiana the Dancehall Duchess. They called the song ‘Good love’ and did a video to the song which is not yet released. Vibing in the studio they decided spontaneous to record a second song named ‘Pretty wine’ and currently they are working on this video.

Roc’s new project ‘Easy – No stress’ will be ready real soon, featuring artists like the country boy Charly Blacks, Tiana the Dancehall Duchess, Kevin Lyttle, Future Fambo and many more.


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